Broadcast on ReelHouse FM on Sunday 10th February 2013 (sorry about the delay in uploading!) my last show was dedicated to Bob Marley in the week that would have been his 68th Birthday. You can listen to the full show now using the player below.  Full of cold I wasn't feeling too well (A.K.A. Hangover), but I still couldn't resist walking a cheeky dinosaur past some girls in the West End. Rambling I may be, but if you listen to my show it will make sense.  :-)

#Funk #NuDisco #Indie #Reggae #Deephouse #Classical 

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Full tracklisting to the show is shown in the player and can also be seen further below. If you do like it, clicking 'like' or 'tweet' at bottom of this post will really help. :-) Muchas Gracias in advance if you do! 

1).  Jestofunk -  'If You've Got It You'll Get It'     
2).  Bob Marley  -  'Could You Be Loved'    
3).  Hallygally / Tuca Tuca - 'Hey Little Mama' (Vocal Version)
4).  Hammond Classics - 'Cumbiamba'
5).  Hiem / Roots Manuva -  'DJ Culture'      
6).  Time feat. George Aaron  -  'Sympathy For The Devil' 
7).  James - 'She's A Star'
8).  Neon Steve - 'I Got Tha (Faith VIP)'
9).  Pet Shop Boys  -  'West End Girls'
10). Woolfy Vs Projectors - 'Set Me Loose' 
11). Say Lou Lou - 'Maybe You (Goodnight Keaton)' (Lexx Remix)
12). Colors Soundsystem - 'AR'
13.  The Stone Roses - 'Fools Good'
14). Claude Debussy - 'Claire De Lune'    (FEATURE - 'LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST')
15).  Bob Marley - 'Waiting In Vain'
16).  Villagers - 'Nothing Arrived'
17).  Phonetica - 'Impossible Love' (Casio Social Club 'Acid Sunrise Remix)  (FEATURE - 'TRACK OF THE WEEK')
18).  Was Not Was - 'Walk The Dinosaur'
19).  2Funkasy -  'Jane'
20).  Scoper & Bubba - 'I'm Satisfied'
21).  Go Back To The Zoo - 'Fire In The Streets' (Sander Kleinberg Remix)
22).  Yes - 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' (Jean Claude Gavri Remix & Dimitri From Paris Rework)
23).  DJ Butcher - 'Black Jeans' (Vocal Mix)
24).  Andy Williams - 'Moon River'
Better late than never I'm updating you on my 'Track Of The Week' from last Sunday's 'Ideal Friends' radio show on Reelhouse FM.  You can listen to the full show online so please check it out here now. The chosen track (drumroll!) is a superb Nudisco collaboration between  Phonetica and Soulemotion released on the Spacewalker Recordings label. 

Phonetica is a project of three lads from Latvia - Max Lomov, ZaZzy and Bogdan Taran. Soulemotion are a Latvian jazz / funk band. The track that I chose as my track of the week was their new EP 'Impossible Love' and in particular the Casio Social Club 'Acid Sunrise' remix of it. I'm not the only person who thinks it's good. Check out the review below taken from

"Classy and engaging It opens with a 303 style bass-line and precisely reverbed vintage percussion. The drums are quite light hearted under such a strong bass-line but they are grooved and shaped to perfection alongside the use of the original house piano. Everything about this is precise and interesting".

You can listen to a preview of it using the player below. Buy in on Juno to support the artist! 
My 'Track Of The Week' on this weeks 'Ideal Friends' radio show (listen to the full show and see tracklisting here) is a SUPERB #nudisco tune by Mexico's collaborators Bufi & La Royale . Released on the Electrique music label this a mid-tempo bomb featuring a future funk vibe, electric rawness and a dreamy pop aura. Sound good? You bet it is. Sublime is the word to describe the mellow funk / disco vibes and it's the perfect cool dance floor opener. You've got to listen to it... now!

You can listen to it in full using the player below. If you like it, you could also check out the radio show
My latest show was dedicated to Paul Simon (The album 'Graceland' was released last week in 1987) and as always it went down a storm. You can listen to it in full now using the player below. There's loads of nudisco, funk, deephouse and brokenbeat mixed up with Indie and lots more. Hiphop was even mixed into INXS (yes, the 80s rock band) and as always a classic retro Indie tune made an appearance.  Is that not enough?! Ok, will an appearance by Queen and Morecambe & Wise satisfy you? We're on then! 

Don't forget, you can listen to 'Ideal Friends' live and online (available worldwide) every Sunday 12pm - 2pm (GMT) on and it's broadcast on ReelHouse FM. Hope you tune in live! 

Full tracklisting for this recorded show is below the player. If you do like it, clicking 'like' or 'tweet' at bottom of this post will really help. :-) Muchas Gracias in advance if you do! 


1). Dog Pilot -  'Landing Strip'
2). Jackson 5 -  'I Want You Back'
3). Suz -  'Distant Skies (Don't Say A Word)'
4). Soulcats  -   'Apparently Nothin'
5). DJ Butcher  -  'Sol Wrap' (Vocal Mix)
6). The Soup Dragons  -  'I'm Free'
7). The Artic Monkeys  -  'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'
8). Bufi & La Royale   -   'Paris'     (FEATURE - 'TRACK OF THE WEEK')
9). Hiem feat. Roots Manuva  -  'DJ Culture'
10). Big Bang Breaks  -  'The Boss'
11). Inxs -  'Need You Tonight'
12). Sidji Moon  -  'Cristal'
13). Queen -  'Radio Ga Ga' (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
14). Django Django  -  'Default' (Tom Furse Remix)
15). Fimber Bravo  -  'The Way We Live Today'    (FEATURE - 'LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST')
16). Paul Simon -  'Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes'
17). Peace -  'Bloodshake'
18). Casio Social Club  -  'Little French Girl' (Original Version)
19). Geno Washington  -  'Jumpin Jack Flash'
20). Bonobo  -  'Cirrus'
21). Haik Solar & Arni Rock feat. Dzovinar   -   'Dancing In The Rain'
22). Chewy  -  'Lovin'
23). Count Funkula / Pied Piper  -  'Love Money'
24). Paul Simon  -  'You Can Call Me Al'
25). Morecambe & Wise  -   'Bring Me Sunshine'