So, I've got my guaranteed tickets for Glastonbury festival (even though I'm lining up playing a few DJ sets down there) and I CANNOT wait. I love that place. I love all festivals, but in particular I love Glastonbury.

I'm really looking forward to maybe seeing some of you next June on Worthy Farm or any other festival I will be playing. Let's be honest, I'm dying to get in a field and forget about everything for just a few beautiful days. :-) #home
With no 'Ideal Friends' radio show on today (back next week though on a brand new radio station) I managed to grab some quality studio time. I've got loads of good tracks lined up and I'll be in the studio a lot more in 2013. I cannot wait to play you my tunes on my radio show or at my gigs. :-) #lovemusic
I'm lining up loads of venues and festivals to play at in 2013 and I'm also speaking to some quality Manchester venues for a regular "Ideal Friends" gig night. Looking forward to getting back on the road! Stay close - I'll keep you updated via this website. :-)
My 'Track Of The Week' on last Sundays 'Ideal Friends' radio show was from Rassek with his fantastic interpretation of the classic Rock 'n' Roll tune 'Riders Of The Storm' by The Doors. Reworked with help from Kiko Navarro from Spain, Socio Robots from Dubai and RedDub from Tehran it's a rumbling juggernaut of utter bliss. Great beats, a deephouse feel, beautiful keys... what more do you want! Check it out using the Soundcloud player below.

If you like it, you'll probably love the radio show where it was my Track Of The Week and you can listen to the show in full now. And if you like that, more of my radio shows are also available on this website.


The 'Ideal Friends' show originally broadcast live on Sunday 9th December 2012 on Ideal Clubworld Radio. Dedicated to John Lennon the show featured The Beatles (remix) as well as classic dance tunes (KLF anyone?) and top new DeepHouse, Funk, HipHop, Indie, NuDisco and more.

You can listen to 'Ideal Friends' live and online (available worldwide) every Sunday 12pm - 2pm (GMT) on and it's now broadcast on ReelHouse FM. Hope you tune in live!

Full tracklisting for this recorded show is below the player. If you do like it, clicking 'like' or 'tweet' at bottom of this post will really help. :-) Muchas Gracias in advance if you do!

1). Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy  -  "Television The Drug Of The Nation"
2). The Avalanches   -   "Frontier Psychiatrist"
3). The Beatles -   "Baby You're A Rich Man" (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
4). Funky Wah Wah  -   "Miss Or Hit"
5). Ramsey Hercules   -   "Hit The Road Jack"
6). Happy Mondays   -   "Step On" (C-G's Call The Cops And Speak So Hip Edit)
7). Jimmy Cliff  -  "Wonderful World, Beautiful People"
8). Dennis Edwards  -  "Don't Look Any Further"
9). Funk You Very Much  -  "My Definition Of A Ghetto Funk"
10). Cumbia Cosmonauts  -   "Yemanya"
11).  Pure P - "Human Nature"
12). Two Door Cinema Club   - "Sun" (Gigamesh Remix)
13). Bosq Of Whisky Barons feat. Kaleta  -   "Dem Know"
14). Lemon Jelly -  'Come" (FEATURE: "LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST")
15). John Lennon -  "God"
16). Casio Social Club  -  "Little French Girl"
17). The Rapture   -  "Children" (DarkStarr Diskotek Remix)
18). Rassek  -  "Riders On The Storm" (Kiko Navarro Rework)  (FEATURE: "TRACK OF THE WEEK")
19). Kasabian  -  "Shoot The Runner"
20). Greg Foat Group  -  'Girl & Robot With Flowers PT1"
21). Yuna  -  "Live Your Life" (Melo X Motherland Remix)
22). MFMB -  "Our Next Rendezvous" (Richard Rossa Remix) 
23). Minimatic  - "Supermarket Freak"
24). KLF  -  "What Time Is Love"
25). Otis Redding  -  "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"

Hope you enjoy the show! To get closer to Trickyman visit the Connect page.

'IDEAL FRIENDS' radio show (2/12/12)

The second 'Ideal Friends' radio show was broadcast live on on Sunday 2nd December 2012 (2pm - 4pm). You can listen to it now and in full using the player below.

Everything from Jimi Hendrix to Daft Punk to The Bee Gees to Hot Chip to Bobby Womack is in there. I LOVE mixing up the genres and playing brand new music with classic cuts. Hope you enjoy! If you do like it, clicking 'like' or 'tweet' at bottom of this post will really help. :-) Muchas Gracias in advance if you do!

Full tracklisting is below the player. You can listen to the show LIVE AND WORLDWIDE online every Sunday 2pm - 4pm (UK Time) by using your computer, phone or tablet device. Visit Trickyman's DJ page on Ideals Website for further information. 

1). The Bee Gees   -  "Staying Alive" (Kons Mr Whiskey Dub) 
2). Lonely Smoker - "What Makes You Beautiful" (Original Mix)
3). Maribou State -   "Scarlett Groove" 
4). Nautic  -  "Fresh Eyes"
5). Mashed Up Funk  -   'Smoove Love"
6). Bomb The Bass  -   "Bug Powder Dust" (La Funk Mob Remix)
7). Jimi Hendrix  -  "Crosstown Traffic"
8). Two Door Cinema Club  -  " Sun" (Gigamesh Remix)
9). Ultraista  -  "Gold Dayzz" (Falty DX Remix)
10). Justin Velor  -   "Flameout" (Psychemagik Remix) 
11). Massive Attack   -  "Unfinished Sympathy"  (Perfecto Remix)       
12). Foals - "Inhaler"
13). Grasscut   -  "Lights'   ('LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST' FEATURE) 
14). Tame Impala   -   "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"
15). Bobby Womack  -  "Stupid"
16). Greg Foat Group  -  "Girl & Robot With Flowers (Part 1)" ("TRACK OF THE WEEK" FEATURE) 
17).  Hot Chip  -  "How Do You Do" (Todd Terje Remix)    
18).  Andre Crom  -  "Body Dreamin"
19).  Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs  -  "Your Love" (Waze & Odyssey Remix) 
20).  M  -  "Pop Muzik" (Todd Terje Remix) 
21).  Big M  - "In the Midnight Hour"
22).  Actual Phantom  -  "Word Up"
23).  Cut & Run -  "One More Time" 
Hope you enjoy the show! To get closer to Trickyman visit the Connect page


So after a few weeks delay last Sunday I finally presented the debut 'Ideal Friends' radio show on Ideal Clubworld Radio. It almost didn't happen... again! 20 seconds before I went live my systems crashed in the studio. D'oh! Still, somehow I managed to start the show on time whilst rebooting and I'm pleased to tell you, It all worked out for the best as it went down a storm and I loved presenting the show! (Incidentally, it's live online on Ideal Clubworld Radio and available worldwide every Sunday from 2pm - 4pm (GMT).

So what's it all about? Well, I treated listeners from around the world to new music, choice cuts and mixes of Deep House, Nu Disco, Hip Hop, Folk, Funk, Soul, Breaks, Nujazz and Indie. An eclectic mix,  padded out by features such as 'Moments' and my 'Track Of The Week'. Unfortunately, a few features were lost with the system crash (such as '60 seconds' - my weekly music and film review) but they'll all be present and correct for the next show. :-)

You can listen to the full debut show now (full tracklisting further below). Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you - I managed to get a brass band in the mix as well! :-)

1). Back To The Future Theme (Edit) -  Alan Silvestri
2). Bohemian Rhapsody (Edit) -  Queen
3). Freak U Higher  -  Count Skylarkin
4). Lovely Day  -  Copycat
5). Another Trick In The Hall  -  Beatconductor
6). The Fall  - Rhye
7). Pushin' On (Situation Re-Edit)  -  Quantic Soul Orchestra
8). La Petite P  -   NYNFUS Corporation
9). Paris (Aeroplane Remix)  -  Friendly Fires
10).  Starstruck (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)  -  Kraver & NSFW
11). What You Know (Mustang Remix)   -   Two Door Cinema Club
12). Equal Responsibility (Original Mix)  -  Climbers
13). Hands Up (Munk Remix) -   DJ Kaos
14). Midnight In A Perfect World  -  DJ Shadow  ('MOMENT' FEATURE)
15). NY Funk (Fort Knox Five Remix)   -  All Good Funk Alliance
16). Devil Inside  -  Max Sedgley
17). Good Life  -  Brassroots
18). Scarlett Groove  -   Maribou State Feat. St Saviour
19. Bloodbuzz Ohio  -  Julia Stone
20). Yes I Know  -   Daphni  ('TRACK OF THE WEEK' FEATURE)
21). Your Love (Waze & Odyseey Remix)  -   Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
22). Le Freak  -   Alexander Robotnick
23). The Spirit Of '75   -   Fort Knox Five
24). No Good (Cut & Run Remix)  -  The Prodigy
25). Chime (Plump DJs Edit)  -   Orbital
My first Blog post and it's with great pleasure that I am announcing I will be returning to the radio as a resident DJ for Ideal Clubworld Radio.

Every Sunday I'll be hosting the 'Ideal Friends' show and broadcasting from Ideal's Manchester studio.  I'll be mixing up the genres a lot so expect Deep House, Indie, Mash Ups, Nu Soul, Chill, Nu Disco, Folk, Electronica, Funk and HipHop!

"Reaching out for the love of music" is the stations motto and I'm genuinely looking forward to my first show (24th November). It's 2pm - 4pm and I can guarantee you ears will love being taken

hostage.  :-)  I've also been working on some features for the show to keep you entertained (as if the music alone is not enough!) and I think you're going to love the 'Moments' feature as well as whole host of other choice cuts. 

Get onboard on Twitter:  #idealfriends

More show information can be found visiting my DJ page on Ideal's website.