So, I've got my guaranteed tickets for Glastonbury festival (even though I'm lining up playing a few DJ sets down there) and I CANNOT wait. I love that place. I love all festivals, but in particular I love Glastonbury.

I'm really looking forward to maybe seeing some of you next June on Worthy Farm or any other festival I will be playing. Let's be honest, I'm dying to get in a field and forget about everything for just a few beautiful days. :-) #home
With no 'Ideal Friends' radio show on today (back next week though on a brand new radio station) I managed to grab some quality studio time. I've got loads of good tracks lined up and I'll be in the studio a lot more in 2013. I cannot wait to play you my tunes on my radio show or at my gigs. :-) #lovemusic
I'm lining up loads of venues and festivals to play at in 2013 and I'm also speaking to some quality Manchester venues for a regular "Ideal Friends" gig night. Looking forward to getting back on the road! Stay close - I'll keep you updated via this website. :-)