Better late than never I'm writing about my 'Track Of The Week' on Reelhouse FM from a few weeks ago. It was a superb Nudisco / Chillout track from 5 reasons called 'Miami Sunset' and it's released on the No Static label. This is what they have to say about it...

"5 Reasons are bringing the sunshine to the colder months of the year and getting ready to gear you up for some hot weather, sunshine and uplifting disco music. Miami Sunset is everything you would expect it to be from the prompting title, a perfect soundtrack for cruising around with the top down on a warm summers night. The track holds a perfect groove with that slightly funky edge giving you that smile that a great Nu Disco track should!"

I can't say it any better than that! It was released on March 11th and you can download it now here from Juno.  You can also listen to a sample of it below and slightly further down is a player where you can listen to the full radio show where it was originally the  'Track Of The Week'.  Enjoy!
Better late than never I'm updating you on my 'Track Of The Week' from last Sunday's 'Ideal Friends' radio show on Reelhouse FM.  You can listen to the full show online so please check it out here now. The chosen track (drumroll!) is a superb Nudisco collaboration between  Phonetica and Soulemotion released on the Spacewalker Recordings label. 

Phonetica is a project of three lads from Latvia - Max Lomov, ZaZzy and Bogdan Taran. Soulemotion are a Latvian jazz / funk band. The track that I chose as my track of the week was their new EP 'Impossible Love' and in particular the Casio Social Club 'Acid Sunrise' remix of it. I'm not the only person who thinks it's good. Check out the review below taken from

"Classy and engaging It opens with a 303 style bass-line and precisely reverbed vintage percussion. The drums are quite light hearted under such a strong bass-line but they are grooved and shaped to perfection alongside the use of the original house piano. Everything about this is precise and interesting".

You can listen to a preview of it using the player below. Buy in on Juno to support the artist! 
My 'Track Of The Week' on this weeks 'Ideal Friends' radio show (listen to the full show and see tracklisting here) is a SUPERB #nudisco tune by Mexico's collaborators Bufi & La Royale . Released on the Electrique music label this a mid-tempo bomb featuring a future funk vibe, electric rawness and a dreamy pop aura. Sound good? You bet it is. Sublime is the word to describe the mellow funk / disco vibes and it's the perfect cool dance floor opener. You've got to listen to it... now!

You can listen to it in full using the player below. If you like it, you could also check out the radio show
My 'Track of the Week' on today's 'Ideal Friends' radio show (listen to the full show and see tracklisting here) was a superb Nudisco / Disco tune by Turkey's Alico/Cagri called 'Les Mondes Engloutis'. It's been released as a 5 track single on Sweden's MB Disco label. The label is masterminded by Martin Brodin (founder of Deeplay music) and with it he wanted to go back to his disco roots. The labels tunes regularly mix up disco with the modern sound and to quote their Soundcloud page - "If the legendary Loft was still around, people would probably jump around of joyness. Shining disco balls, hands in the air, roller skating girls, lollipops and a touch of Larry Levan".

The 'Les Mondes Engloutis' single is yet another great release. All the versions of the tune are good, but the one which ultimately became my track of the week was the 'Ray Mangs Sun And Sea Remix'. Ray Mang is a legendary UK DJ / Producer / Remixer and all-round studio boffin and he's well and truly worked his cosmic disco balearic magic yet again.

Check out the tune on Soundcloud using the player below.  The listeners to the show loved it when I played it live and I'm sure you will agree - It's superb.
My 'Track Of The Week' on this weeks 'Ideal Friends' radio show (listen to the full show and see tracklisting here) was a rework of a 1977 funk / soul / disco tune by Pat Lundy. 'Work Song' has been touched up by Imfromull and given a fresh new lease of life. With the heart and soul of the tune remaining intact, the touch up has rejuvenated a (personally) forgotten classic. The drums are tighter, the audio is clearer and the tune (already excellent) has gone to a whole new level.

If you like this, check out his touch up of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious' (incidentally, I also played this on the same radio show).



Colombia/New York base house producer "Carl Marlo" is back with a brand new release from the Imagenes label based in London. The 'Lo Miraculo EP' features a beautiful track called 'I Will Die For You A Thousand Times' and it was whilst putting together my last 'Ideal Friends' radio show (broadcast last Sunday) I first heard it.  Check it out using the Juno Player below, It's a perfect slice of Deep House, Jazz and Disco and it truly floated my musical boat. So much so, in fact, that it became my 'Track Of The Week' on the show.

If you like it,  listen to my radio show (you can listen to the show in full) where it became my 'Track Of The Week'. And if you like that, more shows are available on this website.

DJing and organizing parties since 1992, talented producer / DJ Christos Demertzis (PiCi) burst onto the Greek electronic scene in 2002 with his electro-pop Decades project and the highly acclaimed “The First” album for the eclectic Poeta Negra label. With further releases for Relax Records and Klik Records under the PiCi alias, he quickly established himself as one of the most interesting and diverse artists around, with production work spanning several musical styles ranging from deep house and classic Detroit techno to more experimental and ambient electronics.

On the recent Internasjonal release 'A Mistake' the flipside featured a sublime and focused cosmic disco beauty - "2015". I loved it the first time I heard it and it became my 'Track Of The Week' on my 'Ideal Friends' radio show last Sunday. Listen to the tune below on the Juno player - I hope you like it. If it floats your musical boat, my radio show where I played it (I think you will love the show - brand new music and classic cuts of all different types of music) can be listened to right here, right now. Thanks (I hope!).

My 'Track Of The Week' on last Sundays 'Ideal Friends' radio show was from Rassek with his fantastic interpretation of the classic Rock 'n' Roll tune 'Riders Of The Storm' by The Doors. Reworked with help from Kiko Navarro from Spain, Socio Robots from Dubai and RedDub from Tehran it's a rumbling juggernaut of utter bliss. Great beats, a deephouse feel, beautiful keys... what more do you want! Check it out using the Soundcloud player below.

If you like it, you'll probably love the radio show where it was my Track Of The Week and you can listen to the show in full now. And if you like that, more of my radio shows are also available on this website.