My first Blog post and it's with great pleasure that I am announcing I will be returning to the radio as a resident DJ for Ideal Clubworld Radio.

Every Sunday I'll be hosting the 'Ideal Friends' show and broadcasting from Ideal's Manchester studio.  I'll be mixing up the genres a lot so expect Deep House, Indie, Mash Ups, Nu Soul, Chill, Nu Disco, Folk, Electronica, Funk and HipHop!

"Reaching out for the love of music" is the stations motto and I'm genuinely looking forward to my first show (24th November). It's 2pm - 4pm and I can guarantee you ears will love being taken

hostage.  :-)  I've also been working on some features for the show to keep you entertained (as if the music alone is not enough!) and I think you're going to love the 'Moments' feature as well as whole host of other choice cuts. 

Get onboard on Twitter:  #idealfriends

More show information can be found visiting my DJ page on Ideal's website. 

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