I was in a pretty funky mood for today's show and it came across in my playlist. I ended up playing loads of #funk with more than just a little support from some #deephouse, #nudisco and #indie.  'Track of the Week' for this week is an incredible mashup of Queen Vs Outkast / AC/DC / Snoop Dogg / The Beatles and Crowded House. It's been around for a while, but I love it so I ended up giving it top billing.

You can listen to the full show now using the player below and if you want to know more the full tracklisting is further down. Don't forget, You can listen to shows live and online (available worldwide) every Sunday 12pm - 2pm (GMT) on and they're broadcast live on ReelHouse FM

1). Soulful Torino Orchestra - 'Soul Burger'
2). Jake Scarbrough - 'Radar Junkie'
3). Gut - 'Django' (Remix)
4). Baby Charles - 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'
5). Arctic Monkeys -  'R U Mine'
6). Queen Vs AC/DC / Outkast / Crowded House / Led Zeppelin / Snoop Dogg / The Beatles  (FEATURE: TRACK OF THE WEEK) 
7). Mr Bird -  'Monkey Funk'
8). Funk Efemdzemov - 'Am I Your Woman'
9). Blur -  'There's No Other Way'
10). Timewarp Inc -  'Yuil Disco Breaks' (Soundsystem Version)
11). Sleazy McQueen - 'I Keep Forgettin') (Sleazy McQueen Re-Edit)
12). Ferry Ultra & The Homeless Funkers (feat. Ashley Slater) - 'Why Did You Do It?'
13). Massive Attack - 'Protection'  (FEATURE: 'LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST')
14). Ambient Jazz Ensemble -  'Jazz Face'
15). Lakeshore Drive - 'Disco Strut' (Danny Massure Remix)
16). Mr Goju Renegades Of Jazz - 'Listen Bastards!'
17). Quasamodo - 'Son Of Shaft'
18). Moosefly - 'What Khan You Do'
19). Rafael Cancian - 'Ain't No Stopping Now'
20). Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Zero' (RAC Mix)
21). Situation - 'Good Life' (Venice Beach Remix)
22). Two Door Cinema Club - 'Next Year' (RAC Mix)
23). Bastille - 'Pompeii' (Monsieur Adj Remix) 

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