With my 'Ideal Friends' radio show dedicated to David Bowie, my set ended up heavily 80s and 90s influenced with remixed classics from Major Tom himself, as well as other edits from the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Yes. Plus, classic HipHop tunes from Chad Jackson (Hear The Drummer Get Wicked) and Jurassic 5 (Concrete Schoolyard). All this as well as the usual choice cuts of brand new funk, nudisco, indie, breaks, deephouse and folk. Not to forget a jazz / funk / dub version of the classic 80s rock track from Berlin 'Take My Breath Away'. Want some Elvis Presley? He made it onto the playlist as well.

Don't forget, you can listen to 'Ideal Friends' live and online (available worldwide) every Sunday 12pm - 2pm (GMT) on and it's broadcast on ReelHouse FM. Hope you tune in live!

Full tracklisting for this recorded show is below the player. If you do like it, clicking 'like' or 'tweet' at bottom of this post will really help. :-) Muchas Gracias in advance if you do!
1). Teknian   -   '1984'
2). BeatConductor   -   'Another Trick In The Hall'
3). Steve Winwood  -   'Higher Love'
4). Jurassic 5   -   'Concrete Schoolyard'
5). Tee See Connection  -   'Take My Breath Away'
6). Maceo & The Macks  -  'Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back)
7). Rayko   -   'Live It Up'
8). Chad Jackson  -  'Hear The Drummer Get Wicked'
9). David Bowie  -  'Let's Dance'  (Jean Claude Gavri Les Dance Re-Edit)
10). Imfromull   -   'Superstition'
11). The Beloved   -   'Sweet Harmony'  (FEATURE: 'LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST')
12). Johnny Cash  -   'Hurt'
13). The Flaming Lips  -  'Do You Realise?'
14). 16 Bit Lolitas  -  'Deep Space Girls' (Radio Edit)
15). Palov & Mishkin -  'Rude Mamba'
16). Pat Lundy  -  'Work Song'   (Imfromull Rework)   (FEATURE : 'TRACK OF THE WEEK')
17). Yes  -  'Owner Of A Lonely Heart'  (Jean Claude Gavri Remix)
18). Frankie Goes To Hollywood  -  'Two Tribes' (Original Version)
19.  Two Door Cinema Club   -'Sleep Alone' (The Knocks Remix)
20). Underworld  -  'Dark & Long (Dark Train)'   (2011 Edit)
21). Synthetic Hype  -  'Slap Da Bass'
22). Oasis  -  'Rock 'n' Roll Star'
23). Elvis Presley  - 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

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