My 'Track of the Week' on today's 'Ideal Friends' radio show (listen to the full show and see tracklisting here) was a superb Nudisco / Disco tune by Turkey's Alico/Cagri called 'Les Mondes Engloutis'. It's been released as a 5 track single on Sweden's MB Disco label. The label is masterminded by Martin Brodin (founder of Deeplay music) and with it he wanted to go back to his disco roots. The labels tunes regularly mix up disco with the modern sound and to quote their Soundcloud page - "If the legendary Loft was still around, people would probably jump around of joyness. Shining disco balls, hands in the air, roller skating girls, lollipops and a touch of Larry Levan".

The 'Les Mondes Engloutis' single is yet another great release. All the versions of the tune are good, but the one which ultimately became my track of the week was the 'Ray Mangs Sun And Sea Remix'. Ray Mang is a legendary UK DJ / Producer / Remixer and all-round studio boffin and he's well and truly worked his cosmic disco balearic magic yet again.

Check out the tune on Soundcloud using the player below.  The listeners to the show loved it when I played it live and I'm sure you will agree - It's superb.
Martin Brodin
20/1/2013 08:36:52 pm

Thanks for pushing this release guys


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